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The Inno IFS 10 fusion splicer has gone through vigorous testing and compares to top selling, more expensive fusion splicers from Fujikura, Fitel and Sumitomo.

With smart GUI Icons the Inno IFS 10 is easy with a large 5″ display screen, large battery capacity and a faster splicing time than the FSM-60S.

You can visit for Splicer Comparison Chart, Full Data and Spec Sheet on the Inno IFS-10 Fiber Master Fusion Splicer.

Inno IFS-10 Kit includes the VF-78 High Precision Cleaver. The VF-78 High Precision Cleaver is an instrument for high precision fiber cutting. It is compact and light, making it ideal for both single and 250um adaptable ribbon fiber cleaving (2-12 core). The blade provides over 48,000 cleaves by easy and simple blade position selection. Additionally, it has an automatic collector for fiber shards and off cuts. Inno IFS-10 VF-78 Kit includes the VF-78 High Precision Cleaver, Features: TRUE one-step operation to complete the cleaving and collection of waste fiber shards automatically. Convenient and quick to operate, either hand-held or on table/worktop surfaces. Very easy fiber setting and placing and, no need for blade height adjustment, therefore improving work efficiency and low maintenance cost. Smart design of pressure pads prevent the fiber from damage by the return of the blade carriage. Each point of the blade can be used no only over 3000 times, but each blade has 16 cutting points, providing over 48,000 cleaves. Made for magnesium alloy materials, giving high strength and stability. Small, compact size and light weight.

The INNO IFS 10 has more technologically advanced features than the FSM-60S for almost half the price. The performance of the IFS-10 has been independently tested and verified by large carriers like France Telecom.


Inno Ifs 10

Inno IFS 10

also has an illuminated keypad, zoom heating window and bright LED for night splicing with easy quick change electrodes.

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